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U-47700 Powder, also known as Pink, Pinky, U4, is a structural analogue and isomer of an opioid AH-7921 and acts as a strong analgesic drug used for the purpose of relief from pain. It exists in the form of powder. U47700 acts as Morphine in its function though the potency of the drug is known to be 7.5 times greater. The drug is listed as a research chemical. You can buy U-47700 Powder at a discount price from Downtown research Lab at a great price .

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buy u47700 powder online It causes psychological impacts as well.U-47700 can cause a range of positive and so negative effects. It can also cause feelings because of itching.

Here at Chemical Planet, because we offer very high-quality. Our typically comes in powder or crystal form. If you do not see your desired form available, please feel free to contact us to see when it will be available again.

To buy from Chemical Planet, you must be at least 18 years old. You must also be in full legal compliance with the laws of your nation. Ouris not intended for internal human or animal use. It is purely meant for research experiments.

does not appear to be scheduled in any nation. However, it could possibly be considered an analogue in nations such as the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. This could make it illegal by default in these places.

Purchase buy A-PPP chemical usa Online, The chemical formula of A-PPP chemical is “1-phenyl-2-(1-pyrrolidinyl)-1-propanone, because monohydrochloride” and so as per IUPAC. These properties have made also it center of attention for people who have to carry out energy consuming activities on regular basis.


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